Go Fly a Kite!

Today was a duplicate of yesterday but a couple degrees warmer & windy…& the fish are starting to eat! We had more than a few reports come in of big fish being caught. With the warming temps and brilliant sunshine all day we had a slight thaw. With temperatures returning to below freezing tonight, any slush has crusted over again. So the snow is not blowing around yet. We’ll see what happens overnight. There are plenty of packed down roads on the Bay to get around on. There is no snow in the forecast until Monday and it is going to be mostly sunny tomorrow. That should knock down the snow a bit more too. The windy and warmer conditions, along with fresh powder, bring another sport onto Little Bay de Noc periodically. I got a decent picture today of some Kite Boarders. They were practically flying across the Bay. 

Increasing your odds,