Get Out There!

Our Forecast is calling for below 0° the next few nights. A steady cold weather pattern this week will break for a warm front on Sunday. With a sliver of a moon right now, you best be here or your going to miss it. The bites been tough the last 36 hours. So you know they’re gonna have to eat sometime. Be on the move and fish hard. If you fish in one spot and do the same thing you might hit em on peak feeding times but that window is slim and could limit your success. Travel on the Bay gets better by the day. Tuesdays warm up took down some snow and now that has firmed up. Most tires, tracks and skis are finding little resistance. Deep hard snow drift’s that remain will cause some grief when the truck tires don’t stay on top. Keep your shovel handy. You might see our friend Toby slinging minnows and helping Lacy and I out around the shop now and then. He was raised on the Noc and has an extensive knowledge of the Bay, surrounding area and throughout the U.P. He also specializes in catching walleyes.

Increasing your odds,