Freezing Rain Is Ok

With me checking ice today, attempting to bring that mercury down, is Cold Front Kenny. That’s right! It’s January and we’re using ALL resources to solve this ice crises. All things considered, ice is holding up surprisingly well. We measured 3” in a few slushy spots, but 5” within a few feet away. The most ice we found was 7 inches. The Days River Landing still has open water just as you come on to the Bay. About  6-9” of water where it’s open. Once you get past that and onto the hard ice, there is 4-5”s of ice. And there is 5-7” of ice out by Center Reef. Working our way down the way to the Kipling Landing we found more of the same as yesterday but with a little firmer crust to break through. With the icy rain we are getting now and cold weather coming tomorrow (probably thanks to Cold Front) hopefully we will be staying on top soon.
Cold Front took some pictures tonight so we’re using one of those.

Increasing your odds,