Fish Hard!

It was 28° starting out this morning. That’s a 40° swing from yesterday morning. I’m not sure what that means for the bite but we’re gonna find out today. Barometric pressure is low and fishing will be slow. But that usually doesn’t last long, up goes the barometer and the fish will get active. Anglers sometimes sound off about my reports. They get frustrated when I don’t talk about how good or bad the fishing is and just talk about some of the experiences we have out on the Bay. I like to give a report on ice and weather conditions too which I believe is important information for anglers. Fishing reports can be tough because not all angles are created equal. I know some Anglers that can catch fish on the worst days yet others that can’t seem to get a fish unless it swims up the hole. (We’ve had reports of that happening twice this year by the way.) Don’t wait for an excellent fishing report before you head to the Noc. That’s yesterdays news and not an indication of what’s going to happen today or tomorrow. There are so many fish in this body of water. You just need to get your angling ass out there! And Fish hard! Like Ryan. He got on the board right away today. Great start!

Increasing your odds,