First Day On The Noc

At 11° below zero this morning I shuttled out two anglers from Marquette. It was their first time hitting the hardwater on Little Bay de Noc and it had been some time since they had ice fished at all. Around the bait shop, we have all types of customers, avid anglers, those reconnecting with the sport and some that are new to ice fishing too. But when outfitting or helping out somebody new or somebody getting back into it…their excitement is contagious! We stopped quick about halfway out to or fishing destination for a picture of them with the moon setting. They fished hard for most of the day & saw three fish on their underwater camera…but didn’t get any to bite That’s been the word the last 24hrs from most anglers. But I’m pretty sure they would say it was a successful trip out onto the Bay though. Thanks Paulita and Roxy! Looking forward to seeing you both again soon!

Increasing your odds,