February 2nd, 2024

February 2nd, 2024
Ice continues to form despite the warm afternoon temperatures. 22° firmed the ice up nicely last night. Out the first yellow gate is a crack that opened about 4” wide overnight then crashed back together this afternoon. This may start a new heave. Overnight anglers are going to hear the ice popping for sure. Now that there’s no snow on the ice, when we dip down below freezing it’s making the ice more uniform. We’ll see over the next couple days how ice thickens in the spots that held snow until recently. The day bite has been tough with all the sun and no snow. I’m looking forward to hearing how anglers did out there after sunset. The picture tonight is of the “newest crack/heave” taking shape. Like any stressed or cracked ice, it becomes dangerous when we experience daily temperatures above freezing. Cracks mean caution, so be aware of how they are changing.

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