February 21st 2021

Brilliant sunshine and 0° to start this “Sunday Mornin Comin Down” on the Noc. That’s usually what you’ll hear at Blade’s Bait & Tackle or in my ice shack where we kick off Sundays with a little gospel. A variety from Cash to Kristofferson & Billie Joe Shaver to Willie. Temps will increase to 32° this afternoon, with rising pressure and a flurry of snow moving in later today. Let’s hope for a flurry of fish! The bite remained spotty Saturday. Most anglers picked up a few fish. Some big eyes were reported overnight. Of course a few of the dedicated perch guys still do ok when it’s tough. Big groups of anglers canvassing large areas with tip ups are producing hog walleyes. Just not too many. Our weekend guests in the 21’ MAX are heading back to Wisconsin today. Joe, Scott and the Mike’s are shown here at sunset last night. We are looking forward to having you guys back next season! Check out Joe’s pike and other fish pics submitted by anglers on the bay at our website www.bladesbait.com. We are going to start updating the Blade’s Live Well section! Keep an eye on that to see some of Little Bay de Noc’s bounty.

Increasing your odds,