February 20th, 2024

It was another beautiful day on the Noc. Unless you were delayed getting over the Nasty Kipling Crack. The cold weather heaved that thing up in the air. Then the 40° temperature and a south wind has pushed water up around the crack making it a challenge to cross. The First yellow gate is looking good but I’m sure the landing is going to get rough with this warm weather. The Days River Landing has been a bust for a long time because of the crack just past the river mouth. There’s 8 to 10” of ice throughout the Bay north of the narrows of Gladstone.  Don’t be complacent with the increase in ice thickness. The route you used yesterday or this morning is not the same. Anglers with machines need to check what’s in front of them before proceeding. Use extreme caution at the landings and around any cracks. A sunrise photo of Mike and Shanna. Their first time ice fishing on Little Bay de Noc. 

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