February 1st, 2024

March 1st, 2024…? Yikes!!
Well, that’s what it feels like on Little Bay de Noc. The forecast doesn’t look like it’s getting any better in the next couple weeks for motorized travel on the Bay. 24,24,25,29,30 Those are the daily low temperatures for the next five days. The highs? T-shirts and sunscreen weather. Ice conditions will continue to be a day-by-day situation on how we get around. Foot travel is going to be the best for the foreseeable future. Throw on some good cleats, grab your sled, and pound fish enjoying 42° and sunshine this weekend on the ice. No consistency to this ice either. There is literally 3” in one spot and 10” in another within yards apart. There are a lot of fish in the Bay though and there’s plenty of fishable ice. Extreme caution Must Be Exercised no matter how you get around! Otherwise, stay home. Ignorance ruins the fun.
The current ice conditions have forced me to stop procrastinating and get an engine on the Wilcraft. I’d like to thank Mike Benoit for his wrenching on that thing.

Increasing your odds,






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