February 19th, 2024

We were 4° at sunrise then hit a high of 35° for a brief period. Brilliant sunshine and a beautiful day on Little Bay de Noc. The Kipling heave is changing by the minute. Last night about 10 o’clock I crossed the crack for about the 10th time, as did many others anglers. The below freezing temperatures has that thing heaving upwards again. Despite the 35° temperatures and sunshine today, it’s been heaving most of the day. I’d say up 6” to 9” in spots since this morning. Use extreme caution crossing this as an angler apparently put a couple tires in by that crack this morning and needed a tug out. Stop before it, get the spud bar out and poke around. Know the ice in front of you. I left the ice tonight around sunset serenaded by the sound of ice pinging and ponging across the Bay.

 Last week I took a ride to St. Paul Minnesota to pick up the first of many WILCraft. This is an amazing machine Tom Roering has invented and perfected over the years. An ideal place to enjoy the outdoors, we think it’s a perfect fit for the U.P.

Increasing your odds,







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