February 19th 2021

Pretty busy Friday on the bay. Some perch are biting. Still stuck on a lot of small walleyes with a few eaters mixed in. Ice conditions continue to be great with 13-18 inches of ice. Travel on upper Little Bay de Noc is effortless with only about 6 inches of snow. I met a couple young anglers very early this morning from Menominee, MI. Trenton and Ryan were my first customers shortly after 5am. I could tell these guys were serious right away. Pulled up with a truck trailering a side-by-side. They told me where they were heading and ask if there was anything they should be concerned with as far as ice conditions go. We had a brief discussion , scooped up some bait and off they went. A little later in the morning I was on the bay outfitting a couple anglers staying in one of our drop down wagons when Lacy sent me the picture of Ryan and this close to 9 lb eye. We’re sure proud of you guys. Way to go!

Increasing your odds,