February 18th, 2024

Finally, a weekend on Little Bay de Noc this hard water season that seemed almost normal. The yellow gate crack is all but invisible. Open water surrounding the crack has frozen and is covered with snow. The open water between the crack absorbed snow from last week then slushed it up and then froze. Not the best Ice. Something to be mindful of. The Kipling crack has been heaving with the cold temperatures and is easily seen. Numerous spots to cross that one. Ice is looking good with 8-10” throughout much of the upper Bay above the narrows of Gladstone. Many of the 8” areas of ice was 6” a week ago. Progress! There are a couple areas of open water. One, south of the Days River that is on the outside corner of the Days River sand bar in about 3’ of water. And of course the reef off Butlers Island is open. Stop in and we can point out these areas to avoid on the map. Landings are looking better than they have been….for now. Some warmer daytime temperatures are in the forecast, but low temperatures at night are ideal for making more ice. Perch are Slammin. Pike are feeding all day and the walleyes are roaming the Bay in abundance. Catch em if you can! Matt can. He iced this 31” walleye. Nice fish Matt! Thanks for sharing.

Increasing your odds,






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