February 14th 2021

A cold start to the day with negative temperatures but the brilliant sunshine made it tolerable despite a brisk wind. Snow is getting deeper and drifting around the bay but travel is still pretty easy. The bite has been hot for some and cold for others. Mixed reports of small walleyes to giant ones moving up into the top of the bay. Perch bite remains steady. Just find em. Small minnows are getting small fish and big pike suckers getting big walleye. The mild weather this week should bring the anglers out and we’re gonna get a real good idea of what’s biting. I want to thank three of our guests for making the trip up from my hometown Antigo, Wisconsin. Specifically Kathy for capturing this wonderful sunrise outside of their accommodations at Lindberg‘s Cove Resort this morning. Maybe next time we can get Mark and Brian out there early enough on their buckets for the picture.

Increasing your odds,