February 11th, 2024

February 11th, 2024
Ice on Little Bay de Noc north of the narrows of Gladstone has firmed up very well. The landings are back on track and light machines are getting to solid ice without breaking through. This should get even better through the week. Now let’s focus on those cracks on the Bay that currently have open water. There’s the “Kipling Crack” and the “Yellow Gate Crack”. Yellow Gate Crack is the one running up and down the Bay. It starts out off the First Yellow Gate, goes past the Days River and its access, and up into the Rapid River. Yellow Gate Crack along with the Kipling Crack will form back into heaves by next weekend. It’s already started with these welcomed colder temperatures. The picture tonight is a screenshot of my line traveling along the crack. I stopped before approaching the shallows below the Days River. I never venture onto that ice unless I’m walking with a spud bar. Shallows and current don’t get along with ice. Then I looped around and picked it up again north of the Days River and continued far enough to give an accurate illustration of where the crack runs. Tomorrow I’ll run the Kipling Crack and map that for my next ice report.

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