February 10th, 2024

February 10th, 2024
The lower temps are going to firm ice up nicely again. That’s going to be helpful for ice travel in about a week or so. Here’s the rub. The two main heave/cracks have now settled the heave part and it can be difficult to identify where the “crack” is without ice protruding up. To make matters worse, the open water in various areas of the crack are pretty good size and are going to skim over in the next couple days making them hard to identify. Use caution as you travel about Upper Little Bay de Noc and as always, check ice as you go along.
Here’s a picture of one of those nasty open water spots along the crack. There are plenty of places you can cross and as you can see, the Wilcraft is sitting on solid ice. We’ll be checking these locations to monitor ice very thoroughly over this next week. Stay tuned.

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