Excellent Conditions To Fish!

Wow! What a weekend on the Bay. A truck and trailer in the drink up by Garth Point Friday night. Wrong way, wrong turn, everybody’s all right. Ryan and his crew from Pro Towing got out there Friday night so they could hit the ice track on Saturday. I heard Ryan took first place in one of the classes he raced in. Not bad for being up til three in the morning yanking out a truck and trailer. It was 47° Saturday and a little cooler Sunday with freezing temps at night so the ice is holding up. Surprisingly well. It’s Monday now and the sun is shining and it’s 46°. That’s going to be the story for the next couple days, but we do get down below freezing temperatures at night and that should keep our ice intact. Trucks, wheelers, side by sides, and snowmobiles continue to travel the Upper bay as long as you don’t go into the typically nasty spots on. I’m still not measuring anything over 15” on the upper bay, but the ice is pretty good with minimal slush due to the lack of snow out there. 
Fishing has been tough with a lot of marks and seeing all kinds of fish on camera, but getting them to strike is another story. Big fish are cruising the top of the bay and seem to be hitting tip ups in shallower water. The group of eight we outfitted this weekend have been with us now for three years straight. They’ve grown with us and we’ve have had a few hiccups along the way. Staying out on the ice doesn’t mean it’s always gonna go smoothly. These guys fish hard and don’t complain about a thing. Perfect guests and always welcome in our wagons! They didn’t get a lot of fish, but hooked up with a couple really nice eyes. 
A quick FYI about the lack of reports in recent days…it just means we’re busy as hell and there’s not a lot new to report. Or I’m so exhausted that I couldn’t put together a coherent sentence if I tried. We’re gonna be measuring ice and checking landings this week so stay tuned!

Increasing your odds,