Eating Good Again

Let’s catch up. It’s been a while. As predicted, the bite has absolutely turned on with the warm up. Big fish are abundant and roaming The Bay. Tip-ups seem to be the ticket for big fish. The perch are sizable and have been hungry too. Ice conditions are holding up well as a thin blanket of wet snow covered the couple inches to a half a foot of snow that was already on the Bay this morning. We’re starting to get a few drifts where fish encampments once existed. Of course those become hard to see every time we get a new blanket of snow. There’s anywhere from 8 to 13 inches of ice north of the narrows by Gladstone. We’re gonna pay special attention to the landings this next week. It looks like the warm-up is going to last quite a while. Should be excellent fishing though. A nice fish picture came in from some guests of ours out on the Bay. They’ve been fishing hard and are avid anglers that prefer The Original Automatic Fisherman. Nice fish Fred! Blade’s Bait & Tackle has a huge supply of Automatic Fisherman Rods and accessories to help you hook your next victim on Little Bay de Noc. 

Increasing your odds,