December 7th 2021 Ice Report

From the north yellow gate by the Days River (now open) I watched the sun rise At 1° above zero this morning. At daybreak I took my first walk out on Little Bay de Noc ice since March. I went as far as a dare without ice cleats, spud bar and an ice checking partner. I’m sure it wasn’t froze all the way across the bay. I could see the steam coming up out there. I’ll be back tomorrow morning hopefully close to 0° again. Cleats strap on and spud bar in hand. Brave soldier with me? We’ll see…The picture today is actually from the south yellow gate. That was my next stop after the Days River landing and the sunrise by then was a little nicer picture. So, both gates are open. I’ll have a full report as the ice thickens on Little Bay de Noc.

Increasing your odds,