December 28th, 2021

You couldn’t ask for a better morning to start the day. 14° and overcast. Tonights 10° is well needed because we’re going to be in the low 30s again tomorrow. Ice is maintaining at 6-7 inches, which is certainly not the increase that I’d hoped for. This weekend is finally going to be our first good cold snap. A little subzero would be nice, but sounds like single digits anyway. I cruised around this morning in Mr. BA. He’s just been itching to get out on the bay. There are a few heaves out there but all of them seemed navigable. The most noticeable is out the Days River Landing. The highest ice shoved together is probably 6 to 9 inches….but only in a few spots. We had a report of a wheeler going through over by the Vagabond. I think it was in the shallows by some springs over there. Nothing serious. Shortly before 7 o’clock tonight though I heard sirens. Not long after, we were notified that somebody went in and out by Garth Point. This is always a dangerous area of the bay!  Even during the coldest winters and the thickest of ice. Stop by Blade’s Bait & Tackle for a look at the map so we can point out some places on the bay to stay away from. I’m heading out on the bay with one of our 21 foot drop-down wagons this week.  We’re very excited for the maiden voyage this season!

Increasing your odds,