December 23rd, 2021

The ice on the bay is really looking good. In some areas we’ve found up to 8 inches of ice. Mostly towards the east side of the upper bay. Head south to Butler’s island and find an inch or two at best. Most areas have 4-7 inches of ice north of the Kipling public landing. Late this afternoon a couple inches of wet snow has covered the 4” of powder from yesterday. Now, that we have a fair amount of anglers out I can confidently report… first ice is on FIRE! As it should be!! It makes a few anglers mad when I say that because they’re not catching many fish. Trust me. Some anglers are dialed in out there and are pounding eyes. Mostly food with some shorts and a 24” plus up through the hole now and then. A 40° forecast tomorrow with some spittin rain, sleet and snow at times, follows an overnight low of 27° here on the big water. We’ll keep an eye on those rivers flowing. That seems to be the biggest risk of safe ice with these warm ups. Tomorrow, December 24th, Lacy, Cedar, Red and I are shutting down the bait shop around noon. We’ll be back open Saturday Christmas morning at 5am until 9pm. I can’t wait to see what you all got! So many have commented on our unbelievable variety of hardwater tackle and gear. How bout those Blade’s Bait & Tackle baby body suits…modeled here by Sweet Oaklynn. She seemed at ease here at the Shop…We’re thinking either a future Minnow Slinger or a future Angler…Bet she’ll out fish her Dad someday! I’m sure he hopes so!!

Increasing your odds,