December 20th 2021

Ice is getting better as the crack on the north end of the bay is freezing up again. Ice to the south, by the Kipling public boat landing, remains sketchy as a few anglers spud out a bit but not many. The east side of the bay up to Garth’s point has had some activity. There is a little better ice over there. You may have some shove ice to contend with getting on, but not to bad yet. Red & Cedar accompanied me today. As much as they like a jaunt on the bay, their hips sure don’t so we kept our hike short. Red prefers to ride anyway. Some upcoming nights in the low teens to single digits should thicken the ice and lock in the bay, which we need with the high winds in the forecast again. By Christmas Eve we’re expecting 37° temps with some wet snow accumulation and possible drizzle. Whatever! It’s gonna freeze hard after that.

Increasing your odds,