December 18th 2021

With a busy Saturday morning at the bait shop, I didn’t get out right away to check ice as planned. 3 o’clock rolls around and Lacy said there’s an angler on the phone with a problem! His buddy went through the ice. He made it out…cold and wet, but now he was stuck on the other side of a crack that opened up. I spud barred out to that exact spot off the Days River landing yesterday! Ice was 3-4” and pretty good. Today with the WILCRAFT for my first ice voyage, I ventured out armed with an extension ladder. It worked well. We got the angler over the crack and we were all smiles, high fives and heading off to the landing. Prior to the swim, another angler walked across the same spot an hour earlier. This stuff happens fast! Thankfully other anglers were around to help out. The gentleman that fell through needed assistance getting out and was hanging on the ice in about 14’ of water. We’ll surely be checking this crack thoroughly tomorrow. Fish with somebody and be safe!

Increasing your odds,