Cold, Blowing Snow

We started this Saturday morning with 3” of fresh powder at 9°. Too bad I don’t ski. Typical of Little Bay de Noc, 10mph plus winds blew all that snow into hard drifts….and those drifts are hard to get out of. Last night I found a few slushy spots that are now unseen with the drifting snow. It’s not real long stretches of slush, so don’t hesitate to venture out. Hit the gas to get through. That’s how I like to do it anyway. I never did like going backwards. Travel on the Bay out the Days River Landing is becoming a struggle with the drifting snow really pilling up. Fishing is picking up a bit but it’s a struggle to get em to commit. There has been more action on tip ups than jigging. Perch anglers are having some nice results today. A mixed bag of eyes started to bite but the big ones continue to be tight lipped. Some do make it up the hole. Fixing things on The Noc in the wind and cold temps can offer some challenges. I pretend I’m on the moon. Seems cool and helps me have patience. Brad went at it out there today. Most want to thaw and have a heated space. Not him. He got right to a loose flywheel, added some bolts, tightened ’em down. And then…On his way. Now go get some fish!

Increasing your odds,