Blown Smooth Bay

This picture of Mr. B.A pretty much sums up the last couple days on Little Bay de Noc. It’s inside for a thaw before the next excursion. Wind blown snow has smoothed out most of the rough spots from previous shack set ups. Evidence from machines buried in slush a few weeks ago has vanished.  While out on the Bay this morning tugging off a few wagons, I noticed my tracks would disappear within minutes. Most of the 6” of snow from yesterday has blown off with the windy conditions. Cold temps are in the forecast now and will reach below zero overnight for the next week. The fishing actually picked up a little bit the last few days. Not slamming them, but not skunked either were the results of a couple groups outfitting with us. Pretty sure they will remember the brutal overnight weather they endured on Little Bay de Noc more than the fish they caught. Makes one feel alive that’s for sure!

Increasing your odds,