Bites Better

Let’s get into that all important ice report for this weekend. Closing in on 12 inches of ice at the top of the bay. Measuring south to the narrows. Off the reefs and through the mud flats. I’ve measured all the way down to seven inches of ice. Consistently measured 10” until you hit the green can just north of Gladstone. Then it starts to get skinny. Its really going to thicken up now . My good friend Cold Front Kenny has arrived! We usually don’t call him in until we need him if ice is thin. But he showed up on his own right around 5 o’clock yesterday. You always know when the temperature drops 15 to 20° fast. Cold Front Kenny probably just rolled into Delta county. Our guests Dave and Matt enjoyed a few comfortable days and nights on the Noc. Just sit in the shack and jig em up. Easy right?
Increasing your odds,