Bite is Picking Up!

Today began at -4° and we reached a high of 12°.  Less than a 20° swing in daytime temps and a steady WNW wind is exactly the consistent weather pattern we’ve been looking for. Pressure has been rising all day. Let’s hope it steadies so these fish can eat. The bite has definitely picked up the last few days. Anglers that are in the right places at the peak feeding times, hour either side of sunrise & sunset, are getting ’em. On and off like a switch. Ice conditions continue to get better by the day. There are a few spots of deep snow and a slush pocket here and there, but most areas are frozen solid. We re definitely going to need extensions soon on the augers. Speaking of Augers…Our relentless pursuit to get quality Hard Water Gear for the U.P. has paid off. A bunch of gear we weren’t sure we’d see this season at Blade’s Bait & Tackle….(Ion, StrikeMaster, K-Drills, more shelters, more reels, more rods and of course more lures) came in today. Lacy will need some time to inventory it all, but the Shop is really starting to fill up again! A shout out the the two guys in the shop today that came down from Marquette. Said they saw our commercials and thought they’d check us out. The G2 8” Ion you wanted came a 1/2 hour after you left. I wish I would have got your names. I’ve got six of them and I won’t sell the last one until I see you again. 

Increasing your odds,