Bit of Snow on the Bay

2-4 foot drifts were not uncommon today and if you decide to go driving out on Little Bay de Noc it’s highly recommend you bring a shovel per angler. I’m not saying you’re gonna get stuck, I’m just saying you should be prepared. I assure you I’ve plowed through much deeper snow in a 4-wheel drive with good meats then we have out there right now. Slush pockets and drifts are hard to see until you’re in ‘em. Especially with the fresh 1-2” blankets of snow we’ve been getting daily. The bite is definitely picking up. Walleye are starting to move up to the top of the Bay in larger numbers. By the end of the month there should be a pretty good party up there…and they’re gonna have to eat. Don’t let them starve! 
Best way to travel the Noc? How bout a Snow Dog to take you anywhere you want to go. 

Increasing your odds,