Big Fish Are A Comin!


All right, two nights without a report just means we’ve been slammed around here, but in a good way. Ice conditions could not be better with the exception of a couple pockets of slush from cracks forming and water pushing up them. With the cold temps this week those are all gonna freeze up too. We are certainly on our way to thick ice. Tomorrow I’m going to take some measurements for the first time in a while. Everyone’s chomping at the bit wondering when they’re going to be able to take trucks out there. 25 years ago I figured nine and I’m fine. I’m sure we have that now and will be embarking on 12” by the end of the week. Anglers are doing very well on perch and the big Walleye are moving around the Upper Bay too. Adam, aka Bigfoot, a friend of Blade’s Bait & Tackle brought this beauty up through the ice today. Congrats!

Increasing Your Odds