Big Fish A Bittin!

It was another incredible weekend on Little Bay de Noc. The bite has been more than fine. Fish are being caught every day with a few ups and downs as bite times haven’t been the typical morning and evening bite. Reports of Sporadically feeding fish with a solid late morning and afternoon snack have also been the case. Thanks for sharing all the pictures of your catches. From eaters to trophies, they are all incredible! Keep ‘em  coming and we’ll load them into “Blade’s Live Well” on our website. The ice conditions on Upper Bay continue to be great but don’t be lulled into thinking that means the ice is good everywhere. Stay the heck away from Saunders Point and the narrows entirely! The area of open water there is getting bigger by the day. The ice in that area literally goes from 7 inches to 2 or 3 inches in a matter of feet. Not just by the open water either, but thousands of yards away from it. 
It seems as though the snow is going to pile up a little bit more. Forecasted Accumulations by the end of the week are 5 to 8 inches on top of the waves of stiff drifts we already have out there. The fishing has been good during these last few snow squalls….So let it fly! 
With so many pictures coming in, it’s hard to post just one. My favorite picture submitted over the weekend is of a young angler with his first big walleye. His dad Seth, friend and Sweets Provider of Blade’s Bait & Tackle, puts a bunch time in on the Bay. When they stopped in Friday he said, “I’d like to get Chase on a big fish. It’s his first time staying overnight on the ice.” Well done Seth! What a great fish Chase! That smile screams He’s Hooked!! Your next personal best is right around the corner. 

Increasing your odds,