Big Fat Perch

The foot or so of snow and slush is now hard as concrete. Quads, UTV’s and snowmobiles are running back on top. Trucks will be poking through that crust for awhile. Other than frozen ice ruts now we are getting around the Bay  pretty good. Usually, I don’t have first hand knowledge about the bite this because I’m not out there fishing. I’m outfitting people that are fishing. I do get good reports from other anglers and the guests we on the Bay. But the last couple nights Lacy and I have been able to get out and do some fishing  ourselves. We’ve caught fish both nights and really only have a short time to be out angling. Fish are down there and they do need to eat occasionally. Pound the mud flats and be on the move. Look at the belly on this perch and the smile on Kyle’s face. This perch hasn’t missed a meal in awhile, until now… 2 pounder. It’s going on the wall.  Incredible fish for sure. Way to go Kyle! 

Increasing your odds,