Big Bunch Of Snow

The big bunch of snow forecasted, is coming to fruition with about 6” over the course of today. This afternoon I was on the Bay checking ice and doing a little scouting with my friend and fellow hard water outfitter Ryan of RTH Fishing. We left the bait shop hoping the 2 wheel drive WILCRAFT would handle the mounting snow. Feeling confident with the previous days ice check of a consistent 4”s, we cruised up the Bay at a decent clip. Probably 7-8 mph effortlessly through the 4-5”s of powdery snow. By the time I got back to the shop, it was dark and snow really coming down. A few anglers lost their way trying to get back to the landing. Once they did get their bearings in the white out conditions, it was a tough tug of the sled through the snow for 5 anglers. Good teamwork guys. Ice is in really good shape with 4-6”s on the Upper Bay. We’ll see how much snow we get from the tail end of this system and where it all blows to with the strong winds coming. The picture for todays post is courtesy of Ryan Harrenstein. Thanks Ryan. 

Increasing your odds,