Bad Moon A Risin’

If you’re not out there right now, you’re probably thinking…I should be by the weekend, right? Yep, get your Angling Ass out der. The last few days we’ve had a real good bite. We’re peaking fast with this recent up tick feeding. The weather pattern over the next week looks like it should last through February, but we all know they don’t eat that steady for that long. Big perch and limits of walleye are being reported. Ice conditions are as favorable as they have been with the exception of a little slush this afternoon. That will freeze again in the overnight. We’re going to continue this maple syrup running weather for the next 5 to 7 days(freezing overnight thawing during the day). I’ve got some more nice fish pictures of our guests using the Automatic Fisherman. I’m sure they will be featured in a post soon. Or I’ll at least add it to our Live Well this week at Tonight Cold Front Kenny and I, and Our Women Lacy and Audra, went on a joy ride in the Burb on our final check-in of the Anglers we have staying out on the ice. Bad Moon A Rising…and the big dipper.

Increasing your odds,