Adding Ice A Little At A Time

Little by little we’re getting more ice. 
The perch are hot, Pike are hitting and the Walleye bite is picking up… as predicted. It takes a little coaxing yet, but they’re coming around. The steady barometer doesn’t hurt either. Friday afternoon and into Saturday, the rising barometer should send em deep for the weekend. We’ll see. All the landings on the upper bay are in excellent condition. You can even get around the water hole by the Vagabond without a problem. There is a till only 6-9 inches of ice out there though. There are a few slush spots yet, but nothing to be concerned with. You can travel most of the Upper Bay on a packed trail engineered by other anglers over the last week. The heave, that begins south of the Days River and tracks east to just south of the vagabond, is practically invisible now. It has left behind a lump under the snow, so beware if crossing it from north to south.

Increasing your odds,