Abundance of Sunshine

After 5 grueling days on the Bay finally bright sunshine, 16° for a high and of course wind. Not as much wind as previous days. Even though windy conditions continue, at least its under 10 mph and coming out of the same direction, WNW, for a 24 hour period. Supposed to switch to a little out of the southwest tomorrow. Travel on the Bay is incredible. Most snow blew off to 4-5 inches and left some hard drifting to deal with, but not bad. Especially south of Center Reef where it must not be necessary to plow roads. Plowed roads simply create a barrier causing it to drift more and ends up deeper by the day. At some point we will have cul-de-sacs that nobody can get out of up top. The bite is getting better than the previous weeks shutdown. You’ll still need to be on the move and fish hard to produce. Ice is well over a foot now north of Gladstone and no doubt be increasing daily. We could need extensions this year. Lotta season left. If I have time and room I typically pick up things/garbage on the Bay. So far this season items found and returned are a pair of augers, auger batteries, heaters, LP tanks, fishing rod cases, electronics, hats, gloves. And let’s not forget a like new 1/3 sheet of 3/4” R-4 pink insulation. We hauled it off the ice for future use in tact so the back window was open for Red and Cedar’s ride back to the shop. They didn’t seem to mind. I don’t care who’s it is. You’re not getting it back! It’s ours now!

Increasing your odds,