February 8th, 2024

Today by 10am the brilliant sun on the Bay created standing water with a ripple. I guess 15 mph sustained winds and 30 mph gusts does make water ripple. Pushed by winds out of the south, water looked as though it was flowing north up Little Bay de Noc. At 2 o’clock, I took a group out onto the ice staying until Sunday. I parked Mr. BA because of all the water from earlier in the day. So we loaded up the flatbed aluminum trailer with gear and our guests and tugged them out on the Bay with the Wheeler. We busted through the landing at the 1st Yellow Gate Access, but managed to get on solid ice to make our way to Center Reef. Cruising along, I noticed early on, the sun was hiding behind the clouds and standing water was half of what it was this morning. About 3/10ths of a mile out, then down to the south to cross the heave and then back up the bay to Center Reef. Not the straightest shot, but a safe route. Typically, anglers can launch out the Days River Landing to fish Center Reef, but that’s a no go right now with the crack/heave running north on the Bay.
After a couple hours of rain, I made my way out one more time this evening to make sure everything is in order for our overnight guests. I figured there would be plenty of water on the ice. I was completely wrong. Seems as though every rain drop that hit the ice, froze instantly. My picture tonight is of one of our A.S.S.T. Max Drop Down Wagons on Center Reef housing 3 eager anglers from Minnesota. They were set up by 4:00 and hooked up with some eyes and a pike by sundown. I’d say that’s a good start.

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