January 17th, 2024

Ice conditions are continually improving on Little Bay de Noc. Just not quick enough. Especially the ice insulated with snow. I met up with John at Lindberg’s Cove Resort this morning to check some ice conditions. We left his Resort in Kipling on snowmobiles heading north and checked ice throughly. Past the reefs and up to Center Reef, we found 3-8 inches of ice. We measured more 4” ice than we cared for. There are also some areas where ice has cracked open an inch or two. Overall, Upper Little Bay de Noc has plenty of ice with some pockets of danger.
This is probably a good time to talk about the rules on the ice when it comes to sticks. The question is, when you see sticks, branches or trees out on the ice, do you follow them or do you stay away from them? General rule of thumb is follow them if they’re in a straight line. Stay away from them if they’re in a circular group.
Our picture tonight, a single stick along a crack, typically would mean a good place to cross…Until it’s not. So, pay attention!

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