Red,Cedar and I took a lap around the bay today. With the below zero temps this morning, I was anxious to measure some ice. I was surprised to find the same 7-8”s we had a week ago. No increase whatsoever. A small pressure heave, today’s photo, is off the Days River Landing and is about a foot high in some places. There are still plenty of spots to cross for now. Several cracks opened up around center reef. There aren’t any big gaps, but water did pushed out flooding the snow 5-10’ within the crack. That water has since frozen solid. As for the fishing activity….It was on FIRE this morning! On a typical Monday, I probably talk to half the anglers out there at some point in the day. It certainly payed off big time for every diehard that made it out before daybreak and braved the -8° temps. Makes my day to get someone bait at 5:15am and hear later, while in all smiles, about the 20 plus walleyes they’ve landed and they’re limit of eaters kept. And to top off the morning, several anglers landed big fish….30+ inch Walleyes! All before 9:30 in the morning. That’s how it goes on the Noc.
> Increasing your odds,
> -Blade