2 Weeks Left

The storm that passed through Monday dropped about 5”s of snow on the Bay. Todays 43° and sunshine all day took some of that snow away. We’ll dip down below freezing every night for the first week of March. What? Only 15 days of walleye season left! You better get out there. We haven’t seen opportunities like we have this season to put fish on the ice in years. Ice conditions remain excellent. The east side of the Upper Bay has the least amount of ice, measuring 8-12”s out in the mud flats and up top 12-18”s of ice. The Kipling Landing and the Days River Landing are holding up very nicely. With daily warm ups above freezing, the snow is going to beat down and make for very easy travel. There’s a few good drifts out there maybe 12-15 inches deep ,but for the most part there is 4-8 inches of snow. We’re seeing all types of travel, snow machines, quads, side-by-sides, and truck travel is prevalent on the Bay. Scenic pictures of activities on the bay are great but there’s nothing like fish pictures, especially young anglers. Leroy and his son Loren hit the Noc for a few nights and got the job done. Nice fish Loren! Oh and Thanks for the brats! They were delicious!!

Increasing your odds,