Month: March 2022

  • Season Finale

    Season Finale

    Today is Tuesday March 15th and the last day of this walleye season. As it closes, I thought it would be good to reflect on an incredible hardwater fishing season… Wait a minute. What was so incredible about it? I remember January’s weather was awful with the wind blowing hard and changing its direction every…

  • Bachelor Party On The Ice

    Bachelor Party On The Ice

    If you aren’t on the Bay, time is running out and there’s an abundance of walleyes to be had. Travel conditions are perfect and your chance getting stuck with any mode of transportation is slim. A good number of people are out fishing tonight. I’m sure we’re gonna have a bunch of fish stories tomorrow.…

  • Rough and Rocky Travel

    Rough and Rocky Travel

    “Well it’s been rough and rocky travel. But I’m finally standing upright on the ground” .  I know Willie’s talking about life’s road not the travel on The Bay the last couple days, but that’s what its been like getting around out there. The single digits the last few overnights has made it like concrete out…

  • Perfect Seasons End Days

    Perfect Seasons End Days

    What a great week on the Bay. The weather has been phenomenal. There has been a good mix of clouds and sunshine and winds have been light compared to usual. The frozen ruts from last weekend are fun to deal with until we warm up on Sunday. Otherwise, getting around is pretty good. Fish are…

  • Might Need a Selfie Stick

    Might Need a Selfie Stick

    Last weekend to lay a big eye on the ice this season is upon us. Some crusty slush out on the Bay with the lower temps but that’s not stopping trucks. A half a dozen “Tubers” have been out there all week. Light motorized are staying on top for the most part. Trucks break through…

  • Rock Hard Ruts

    Rock Hard Ruts

    There’s less than a week left of this Hardwater Walleye Season. Travel on the Bay is ok. The tough part now is getting through the gauntlet of frozen ruts and tracks left behind from the rainy weekend travel. That pounding is going to give your shocks & your back a good workout. We have below…

  • Big Fat Perch

    Big Fat Perch

    The foot or so of snow and slush is now hard as concrete. Quads, UTV’s and snowmobiles are running back on top. Trucks will be poking through that crust for awhile. Other than frozen ice ruts now we are getting around the Bay  pretty good. Usually, I don’t have first hand knowledge about the bite…

  • Super Sloppy Sunday

    Super Sloppy Sunday

    Wet and sloppy is was what we dealt with today. It’s going to firm up nicely by Monday morning and it should be perfect for the last week of this hard water walleye season. Nice coating of slush to freeze on the equipment this week. Nasty! Increasing your odds, -Blade

  • Big Meltdown

    Big Meltdown

    Showers battered the Bay most of the afternoon which has beaten down some of the snow, making travel better and the deep snow is no longer the obstacle it has been. The soggy day hasn’t dampened the mood of anglers though. Just their gear. In fact, we’ve heard multiple accounts of big walleye and pike…