Month: February 2022

  • White Out.

    White Out.

    Most of today was a white out on the Bay as we accumulated another few inches of powder. It’s not too deep to run trucks, it’s just difficult to know where the drifts are because everything looks the same. Except at night, which seems like day, when it comes to seeing what’s in front of…

  • Packing Up, Heading Out.

    Packing Up, Heading Out.

    Looks like the forecasted feeding frenzy didn’t come to fruition for most. A fair number of big fish are being caught though. We’ve heard of very scattered results all the way from deep to shallow water. There seems to be no particular pattern to it. Some are catching fish, some aren’t. The bite windows are…

  • Go Fly a Kite!

    Go Fly a Kite!

    Today was a duplicate of yesterday but a couple degrees warmer & windy…& the fish are starting to eat! We had more than a few reports come in of big fish being caught. With the warming temps and brilliant sunshine all day we had a slight thaw. With temperatures returning to below freezing tonight, any…

  • Smooth As Silk

    Smooth As Silk

    Today we had the absolute best weather conditions to be out on Little Bay de Noc. The pillow of white snow was as smooth as silk and made travel in Mr. B.A. very enjoyable. No screws vibrating out of augers and everything else that doesn’t have Lock-tite. Enjoying the sunshine, shoveling out and maybe even…

  • Starting To Eat!

    Starting To Eat!

    It’s gonna be 24° tomorrow and partly cloudy, 32° and sunny on Saturday and 27° on Sunday to wrap up an incredible weekend. Definitely a weekend I wouldn’t wanna miss. The fish are starting to eat again. One fisherman reported a 30” walleye with some undersized eyes. He certainly wasn’t disappointed, but it definitely wasn’t…

  • Future Feeding Frenzy

    Future Feeding Frenzy

    When you see a train on the Bay that’s typically not a good sign. Trucks pulling trucks, pulling trucks, pulling trailers….The Bay Train. 7 out of 12 trucks out there today were stuck at one time or another. Needless to say, very few trucks headed out. Some anglers fishing throughout the nights snow storm were…

  • No Fish?

    No Fish?

    The prolonged snow event is now coming to an end. The last part of the system really got the snow pilling up out on the Bay. . Until late this afternoon it didn’t seem we’d get much. We definitely didn’t get near the forecast of 10-15”s. We’ll end up with about 6”s. You can bet…

  • Prolonged Snow Even

    Prolonged Snow Even

    It looks like the major snow event of this season is upon us. It can’t hurt the fishing. It’s been a tough go of it for most lately. If forecasters predictions are correct the Noc will be a mess. Stay tuned! Increasing your odds, -Blade

  • Big Freeze Fishing Derby

    Big Freeze Fishing Derby

    The warm but strong breeze out of the south calmed for a period of time today between 5 and 6pm. Then bam! 10mph sustained winds from the north with gusts up to 16mph overnight. That’s a bout half the speed that whipped through a couple nights ago, but there’s still nothing calm about it. The…