Month: March 2021

  • March 15th 2021

    March 15th 2021

    The hard water walleye season on Little Bay de Noc closes at midnight. This is also the last week Blade’s Bait & Tackle will be open until next season sometime in November. I’m planning to continue an update once a week. Many things will be happening at the bait shop in the off season. Updates…

  • March 14th 2021

    March 14th 2021

    After the 57° Saturday melt off, fishable ice still remains on the upper bay. Some big eyes have been reported. From the mud flats and fingers off center reef up to the top of Little Bay de Noc by Garth Point, fish have been present. Schools of giant walleye are cruising up the flats in…

  • March 13th 2021

    March 13th 2021

    Heed the warnings and know where your going. Too many bad spots to report. Use caution. Increasing your odds, -Blade

  • March 12th 2021

    March 12th 2021

    The Days River landing is still holding up. There is 12-18 inches of ice on the upper bay. The Kipling Public Landing has a good size opening to navigate around. Light motorized traffic should hold through the weekend. It’s going to be 55° Saturday after tonight’s low of 16. Cleats or skates a must. Increasing…

  • March 11th 2021

    March 11th 2021

    We started the morning at 45°, which was the high for today. Overcast skies gave way to sunshine this afternoon. It’s just barely getting down to 30° overnight into Friday. 34° for a high Friday into Saturday with a little cold snap to bring temps in the teens. I’ll continue monitoring the landings the next…

  • March 10th 2021

    March 10th 2021

    It was 43° to start the morning. The first anglers didn’t arrive to the bait shop until 7 o’clock today. That’s the latest since we opened January 1st. It was rainy most of the day and the low is supposed to be 39° over the next 24 hours. Rivers are flowing. Ice conditions as of…

  • March 9th 2021

    March 9th 2021

    The Kipling landing is all but shot. There is a foot round hole at the landing that’s just getting bigger. The picture today is me with my 5ft ice bar dangling from the rope not hitting bottom. I went around it with Mr. BA on tracks, but that’s probably the last time this season for…

  • March 8th 2021

    March 8th 2021

    Today is the start of the end. It’s going to be 52° and above freezing temps for the next few days. There is still a little snow and minimal slush on the bay. So far so good. Back into the teens Thursday night through the weekend to firm up what’s left for the remainder of…

  • March 7th 2021

    March 7th 2021

    It was 3° this morning. If I were a betting man, I’d say it’s the last time we’re gonna see a temperature that low until next season. We’ll take it though. The cold night should help keep safe ice through the end of walleye season. The warm temperatures starting Monday and rain in the forecast…